SCRAPS Dismantle The Machine One Cog At A Time LP

Image of SCRAPS Dismantle The Machine One Cog At A Time LP


With the reissue of this 1994 full length starts a series of re-releases of recordings from this legendary French band. Formed in Lille during 1983 Scraps were from the very beginning a counterweight to traditional punk sounds dominating the local scene. Their hallmarks were aggressive tempos with a ruthless political message. In addition to such bands as HEIMAT-LOS, KROMOZOM 4, FINAL BLAST or RAPT, Scraps were one of hardcore precursors in their own country. Thanks to tours, the exchange of cassettes and records, and interviews in fanzines, Scraps quickly gained international fame in DIY circles. This album was originally released by X-Mist Records in Germany, and was their last studio release. It was recorded after the departure of David, the band's singer, from his other band - NATIONS ON FIRE. The material for this record was created during the formation of ‘United Europe’ and expressed concern about the formation of a cross-border European corporate bank led by banks and investors in which radical movements are weakened or destroyed, and the police make brutal evictions of autonomous spaces. After 25 years the LP is available again and this time features new graphics and mastering (by Smok, Studio As One).