Safety Pin # 1 Fanzine w/STUNT KITES 7" EP


SAFETY PIN 1 fanzine is a glossy, 44-page colour mag, interviews with GLITTER TRASH, COCK SPARRER, CYANIDE PILLS, P.A.I.N. & ARTURO BASSICK (Lurkers) plus a massive history of Sheffield punk including interviews with THE MAU MAUS, STUNT KITES, REPULSIVE ALIEN & 2.3. Compiled by Martin Lacey, who did NMX fanzine back in the early 80's and I believe was in the Sheffield They Must Be Russians. All printed by Sheffield's original punk printers, People For Print

Comes with a 5-track EP from STUNT KITES, 4 unreleased 1979 tracks plus the single cut from the '1980 - The First Fifteen Minutes' EP that appeared in 1980 on Neutron Records. All tracks have been remastered from the original source

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