NUTS! 14-18 (Single Page Issues)


Listed below are Nuts! Issues 14-18 inclusive, all single page issues, with the odd sticker and poster thrown in. Pics below go from 17-14, reverse order

NUTS! 14:

Short and sweet summer issue: clocks in at just one 24"x 36" newsprint page but is jam packed full of content as always. The highlight here is a GAS RAG interview that delves into singer Zach London's rather interesting gig as a paid sex worker, among other things. Also included, a rather opinionated but well thought out review of New York's Alright fest 2014, plus the live show and record reviews you've come to expect from NUTS! Another visually arresting issue that's a little quicker to digest this time around

NUTS! 15:

Another short-and-sweet issue from NYC's NUTS! Issue 15 is one 24"x 36" newsprint page jam packed full of content. Interview with BLAZING EYE, reviews of recent NYC gigs, writing and illustrations from: Colin Atrophy, Golnar Nickpour, Emma Kolhmann, Tricky Youth, Nay Vieira-Rosario, and E. Conner, plus a stunning cover/poster illustrated by Alex Heir. All orders include a free NUTS! sticker (designed by Weird Luke)

NUTS! 16:

#16 continues in short and sweet style of the past couple issues - this time Ben chats with NYC locals VANITY and NANDAS. SHEER MAG expound on the lyrics to their first EP. West coast scene coverage from Laura Pallmall and Julia Booz, plus live reviews from the editor and a bonus insert from Mike Caiazzo of Mommy. Cover artwork by Nay Rosario of La Misma

NUTS! 17:

DX writes about the New York City feeling. Alex Simon interviews Ellie from GOOD THROB. Mark Winter, the songwriter behind CONEHEADS, CCTV, BIG ZIT, and OOZE, is interviewed. Mateo from DAWN OF HUMANS writes about his fave records he got when he was on tour in Europe. Artwork by Cecilia Caldera and Sam Ryser

NUTS! 18:

Nuts! kicks off 2016 with another newsprint blast. This time MOMMY converse about mental health facilities and speed, Emmy from Ohio gives us his top three musical discoveries of the past year, Jeff Caffrey of Gag details his 86 (count 'em!) punk tattoos, Aaron Cometbus contributes a fascinating run-down of vintage hardcore/ punk business cards, and the usual striking visuals are here in full force with a heaping of live photos, comics, and a full-color poster


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