NUTS! 12-13 Back Issues (Multi-page issues)


Nuts! Back issues. These are all the larger/multi-page format, # 14 onwards are Single page issues and listed here are the last few copies

NUTS! # 12:

Second NYC-centric newsprint blast from relocated Olympians, featuring exclusive interviews with DAWN OF HUMANS, NOMAD and PHARMAKON, plus a “NY Rippers ‘79” punk special with Spoiler from OMEGAS, reviews, full page art-spreads from HEATHER BENJAMIN and other NYC artists and a full-size poster of Emil from DAWN OF HUMANS (just in time for Halloween to put on the wall and scare the kids). Large-size newsprint (imagine the Daily Telegraph but with something worth reading in it) and expensive to import, hence the price, but more than worth it for amazing content/graphics

NUTS! 13:

NUTS! is back, rather quickly, for another NYC-centric newsprint blast. Issue 13 chats with AJAX and GOOSEBUMPS, two of New York's finest in the HC department, mutant punk toymaker Weird Luke interviews himself, the Olympia, WA scene checks in for an update, and several other guests contribute writing. Possibly best of all are the three full size newsprint posters - one from Austin artist "Laura Pallmall" and two full color posters (that actually are meant to serve as masks) from Crazy Spirit's Eugene Terry. Large newsprint size and visually amazing!


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