FEROXIDE When The Hurly Burly's Done CD *100-only*


"Feroxide exist in the verdant seclusion of Neath, Wales, quietly producing albums every couple of years. Operating on the principle of “Punk in spirit, anything in practice”, whilst a noble ambition, in practice Feroxide remain broadly true to their Cyanide Scenario/Internal Autonomy roots (Camberley punks rule OK) by taking that classic 80’s sound and adding enough contemporary and individualistic influences to preclude them ever coming across as some corny ‘Internet Punk’ homage.

When The Hurly Burly's Done is Feroxide’s new release. Nine perfectly-formed songs (one hidden) dark post/anarcho-punk with female vocals, touches of early Cocteau Twins, Cyanide Scenario and the modern autumnal melancholia of Clay Rendering. Uniquely built around a Balalaika on several tracks, the jauntiness of Horizontal contrasts with it’s spectral dub version, while It’s No Easy Life has an oblique, jerky iciness reminiscent of Wire’s postpunk blueprint and Hallowed Halls is a ghostly, evocative ballad. With Icarus (present also in remix form) the mood is melodic, almost neo-folk, but the album really hits with the gloomy anarcho-punk of the title track, redolent of latter-day Vex/Mob, the slow-burning, Siouxsie-esque Dust and The Thirteenth Fae, anthemic goth with a killer bassline, sweeping backdrop and ethereal female vocals."
Corpus Delecti

Compact Disc in Gatefold Digifile with 8 page Booklet, 100 copies

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