F.U.K. Roadkill b/w I Got A Head 7" *last copy*

Image of F.U.K. Roadkill b/w I Got A Head 7" *last copy*


Hozac Archival release of 500, previously unreleased 1977 Detroit punk. F.U.K. (Fucked Up Kids) played one gig and recorded two songs. Starting as a parody of their close friends Destroy All Monsters, Sue Rynski and Roger Miller (later of Mission of Burma) cobbled together these two primitive punk blasts that sound purely lost in time, stuck in between trends and genres, but yet both so sloppy, enchanting, and undeniably PUNK. The B-side of the single holds a bit of that mid-70s paranoid psychosis, but much more nihilistic and less of the Syd Barrett influence is showing; neurotic, unintentionally DEVO-esque, and distorted beyond anyone’s good sense. “Road Kill”, however, is just the song you’ve been waiting for. Snotty, bratty, disgusting lyrics, and general societal animosity immediately overwhelm you as Sue slags you over and again, and Roger blasts his guitar effects into hyperdrive, giving off an air of prime “fuck it all” Tapeworm-esque studio smashery

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