THE PUNKS Lost & Found 1973-1977 DBL LP

Image of THE PUNKS Lost & Found 1973-1977 DBL LP


Definitive anthology in a deluxe gatefold cover. The Punks were the bastard sons of the Stooges, Michigan proto-punks that specialised in a hard-driving, sometimes thrashing and bruising sound that, whilst sharing common ground with the Stooges/MC5 et al also anticipated both late 70's punk and early 80's hardcore. In 1977 they changed their name to the End and moved to New York with hopes of making their mark in the burgeoning punk rock scene there, but were unsuccessful, and broke up shortly thereafter. Though relatively unknown outside of Detroit and New York in their day, they have more recently garnered the interest and accolades of underground rock enthusiasts who consider them to be pioneers in the development of punk rock.

Rave Up Records. Collects 20 previously unreleased studio cuts