TATTOO PUNK FANZINE by Ben Charles Trogdon *restocked*


*apologies for price rise, previous bunch came along with big box of LPs; these were sent on their own and the airmail rate was crazy*

Nuts! presents: TATTOO PUNK Fanzine - Underground & Outlaw, Tattooing & Lifestyle

Issue #1 includes interviews with: Spider Sinclair, a motorcycle rider and expert tattooer from Auckland, New Zealand. Married punks Nadia & Joe, who speak about going to the courthouse to get married, welding a microphone in their small living space (Joe is the vocalist for NYC punk band Urchin), and Joe tells stories about his time spent on Rikers Island, New York City’s main jail complex. Biker, rocker, lead singer of the band Sister Anne, and completely covered in tattoos, Carla Wolff talks on why she regrets her ink! A conversation with NYC tattoo artists Lauren O’connor and Christina Gemora about their beginnings: Lauren sneaking out of her parent’s house to hang out at tattoo parlors and Christina wanting to tattoo because of seeing tough biker video game characters. Also includes features with Chi (Blu Anxxiety, Ex-Anasazi), Nay (La Misma), Sully and his store Street Fever and Heather Benjamin. AND EVEN MORE photos, tattoo flash & art from Lauren O’connor, Christina Gemora, Sully, Brandon Phillips, Spider Sinclair, Robin Pak, Rhylli Ogiura, Keegan Dakkar, Mateo Cartagena, Anahit Gulian, Sam Ryser, Cecilia Caldiera, Somer Stampley, Emma Hendry, Evan Radigan, Sara Abruna, Joe Della and lots of other outlaws, freaks, ruff riders and hell raisers.

40 Pages, full colour, nice fancy paper… actually like a REAL magazine!