SIC, X-PULSION & TERMINAL STUPID: Belgian Punk LP reissues


3 albums from Belgian Waffles, vintage Belgian Punk

- SIC: High Voltage And Uncontrolled LP
SIC 's music sounds "proto-punk" going to " loud synth-punk" , made by experimental musicians Francis (guitar), Alain (bass-synth) , joined by Mario (drums) and the "High Voltage" voice of Micheline. All the LP sounds like a wall of noise and sounds like an UFO in the Belgain music landscape , something you could put aside the "Blast-Hope" 7" or "S To S" lp for his sound assault and timeless style , mixing genres from 70's "Stoogian" hard rock wall of noise to early Cabaret Voltaire synth/post punk experiments. After a number of explosive gigs , they split in the late 70's , Alain continued on making all kinds of electronic experiments with a lot of projects and bands and kept running INSANE MUSIC label ,still alive today. Francis and Micheline will give a "new-wave" sound to SIC as a duo , and put out 3 excellent minimal wave singles early in the 80's. 19 songs of telluric chaos recorded and mixed on a reel to reel SONY TC 630 in Francis Pourcel’s attic in 1977 by Alain Neffe ( Pseudocode , Kosmose , Human Flesh , ... and founder of INSANE MUSIC label ). 33 rpm lp , double coloUr insert , 500 copies made

- X-PULSION: You Are Nothing But Schmucks LP
X-Pulsion was the direct successor of the defunct Belgian punk band Chainsaw. This group's only recorded 7-inch was a split with Streets, released in 1978 on Romantik Records, and reissued on No Good Records in 2015. This LP contains some recently recovered demo and rehearsal recordings plus the audio from a TV appearance. Raw and snotty punk, 1978 demos

Terminal Stupid was formed in Brussels in 1978 by a "bunch of 16 years old school mates", they rehearsed and played a handful of gigs between 1978-81 , Shock Therapy being their sole recording..."second wave punks" or "afterpunks" , influenced by the Ramones/Pistols/Clash/Crass and Warsaw and locals like X-pulsion , Phallus Band and later by Contingent or Spermicide for the political side .
The Shock therapy demo tape was recorded in 1981 before the band's split the following year and was sold in not much more than 2 record stores in Brussels. Most of the members are gone now except Yves "Goldorak" , the drummer. Nearly 40 years later BW records are proud to put this out, remastered for vinyl treatment.
33 rpm lp , 500 copies , colour insert with pictures and band history


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