RENEGADE CONNECTION I’ll Surrender b/w White Flag Dub 7”


Sterling modern-day Roots Reggae/Dub collaboration between Gary Asquith (Rema-Rema, Renegade Soundwave) and Lee Curtis (LC Connection, Flavornaughts). Rock solid early 70’s style JA. Roots with Asquith’s sparse, succinct vocals on top, this isn’t some throwaway digital retread of past glories, rather it evokes and adds to that great tradition of Channel One/Dennis Brown/ Observer et al. Beautifully crafted, every note on the money and without an ounce of fat. 300-only one-time pressing, comes in a gloss disco bag with the label logo print and colour postcard (Le Coq Musique DUB003)

Review from Electronic Sound:

Renegade Connection is a collaboration between Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave, Mass, Rema-Rema) and Lee Curtis. Manufacturing and artwork issues prevented the single seeing the light of day last year, and this will now be released to coincide with Record Store Day on 18 April 2015.

'I'll Surrender' finds Asquith in an emotional mood, delivering a tender, warm-hearted love song over a loose, heavy dub groove that links this back to both the dub albums of Renegade Soundwave material but also back to the type of soul-scarring music reaching these shores from Jamaica way back in the Seventies. It's a new direction for Asquith, and one that works really well. His voice is well-suited to this type of romantic outpouring, even if that seems something of a surprise after being so used to his vocal having more of an aggressive, nihilistic edge. The flip, as is traditional in this genre, is a straightahead dub version, containing all sorts of springy effects and sonic trickery, as if the ghost of King Tubby had been meddling in the mixing desk

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