3 new reissues from Italian label Rave Up:

- THE MOLLS: White Stains 1976-79

Led by an electric bassoonist who looked like a cigar-smoking Fidel Castro and spouted lyrics like modern poetry, the Molls were a free-minded group from Boston, playing everything from jazzed rock and punk to space junk. Scream Baby Scream, an anthology, features Molls’ recordings from 1976-1979. The vinyl collection surveys the band’s stylistic battles and includes tracks from their unreleased album for Rat Records, live dates, basement studio, and their still-sought-after, punk-blitz of a single, “Black Sheets, White Stains” – the Molls only previous release

- ENGLISH SUBTITLES: The Oranges And Lemons Demos 1978-9

Great UK DIY/Art punk with the original demo tapes that secured them a record deal with Small Wonder back in 1979. 13 studio tracks recorded over 2 sessions at different low budget studios during the time they were playing a residency at seminal Oxford punk venue The Oranges and Lemons

- ETHER DOGS: Born To Kill Time

Formed in 1980 in Birmingham, Alabama, they opened up for The UK Subs and Circle Jerks, made friends with the revered early punk band DDT in Atlanta, and recorded an LP’s worth of songs that never saw the light of day until three tracks wound up on 2018’s ‘I’ve Got the Bible Belt Around My Throat’ compilation. Those songs sent collectors on a hunt for the rest of the album and now, over 35 years after it was recorded, the LP finally gets a proper issue on Rave Up. Killer raw punk with a hardcore edge


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