LIFE SUPPORT Die Like A Man: Something Had A Nightmare EP*last copy*


* Please note, I am only going to the Post Office once a week at the moment, so expect delivery to be slower than normal. Apologies for high price on these new Youth Attack releases, I got shafted by UK Customs, who never let a good Pandemic deflect them from their task of extracting money from people on ever-spurious grounds. Please don't ask for the Snarling Hate/YA 7", it sold out before I could get any *

There’s no horror that we don’t create ourselves. In a world where success is achieved through the sufferings of others, our souls are but scraps floating in and out of corpses, blurring the line between the dead and the living. LIFE SUPPORT serves as an antidote to our waking death with a command to view mortality as a chance for good, as all else is a fantasy poisoning the heads of men.

Denver HC legend James Trejo and Mark McCoy team up for this 5-song debut of pounding American hardcore, recorded by audio master Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

The SOMETHING HAD A NIGHTMARE edition is pressed on white splatter-and-clear vinyl, presented in a heavy-duty, custom three-panel foldout sleeve that features an innovative pocket tray with a cut-out divot for easy removal. Thick LP-style spine plus extra-size sleeve, larger than a 7" one. Youth Attack, 200-only, sold out at source