KHISS/HEZ/FLUKE/PETITE/PMS84 Discos Enfermos Restocks


KHIIS Demo Flexi
- Raging hardcore from Oakland. Members of Wild Moth, Violence and Y2K. Sung in Farsi, 250 copies w/silkscreened covers

HEZ Problemas EP
- Hez from Panamá return with their newest offering of ultra-dark, ferocious hc. Tormented vocals echo over distorted bass and psyched-out guitars, bouncing between grooving moshy parts and stomping 1-2 1-2 beats

- Furious hardcore from Singapore, 8 tracks from the demo with a fully-deserved vinyl issue

- Debut EP from PDX band who play catchy, melodic female-fronted punk w/some Oi! touches

PMS 84 Demo 2016 EP
- Adding to a solid base of hardcore and Oi! spirit-infused UK82 punk with strong and intense melodies, Portland's PMS 84 take you back to the mean streets of 1982


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