Following their Volume 3 12" on Feel It, Kaleidoscope return with the incredible new 2017 EP. As with much of their output, each release only improves upon the previous one, and this EP is no exception. Kaleidoscope have truly mastered the art of home recording, as this is the best produced effort yet. Musically, they've given new meaning to what a three piece group can accomplish within the realm of punk - distilling a cache of influences into a sound that is as well-refined as it is experimental. For any of the reviewers that thought Volume 3 wasn't weird enough, or disliked the production, I urge to re-examine Kaleidoscope as a whole, because 2017 proves exactly what they are capable of as a musical unit. From the poignant lyrics (perhaps Shiva's best yet) to the sheer originality to the incredibly textured production, this is some of Kaleidoscope's best output to date. HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION. Packaging includes a six page risographed, booklet-style sleeve with lyrics and artwork from the band. D4MTLABS, INC.

Description nicked from Feel It Records