FLOWERS & FIRE Fire b/w Disbelief 7"


Vancouver BC’s Flowers & Fire play sleek, powerful and brooding goth-tinged post-punk with nods to the Chameleons/Death Cult. Driving Rickenbaker basslines, solid drums, angular guitars and a moody, soaring and ethereal frontwoman in Izzi Kearns combine for a pair of killer and unashamedly melodic tunes. Silk varnish sleeve, two tracks remastered from their demo



Please note: only a few copies of this will be available until I can reach the band, who vanished after I paid for test pressings (those already promised copies will receive)

USA/Canada: Buy from Occult Whispers, Ebullition or Puke & Vomit
LONDON: All Ages
NL: Clear Spot

Inflammable Material BURN026 7”