FLACKOFF The Flackoff EP


Reissue of this 3-track EP that was originally released by the Shapes’ Sofa Records back in 1980 and has been extremely scarce ever since. Catchy punk with female vocals from Leamington Spa, one of those great local one-off EPs that would get a spin on John Peel back in the day, brimming with an endearing and infectious energy that characterized the era.

Reissue comes with a 4-page insert including an old fanzine interview plus original live photos. 300-only

Listen at:

Inflammable Material BURN028 7”

USA/CANADA: Buy from Ebullition, Puke & Vomit, Sorry State, Soap and Spikes, Feel It
JAPAN: Nat, Punk & Destroy, Base, Answer, Vox Populi and Disk Union
BERLIN: Static Shock, No Plan
FRANCE: Danger, Symphony Of Destruction
UK: Static Shock, All Ages (London), Overground, Missing The Point and a few others I'll add as they receive

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