Fanny Kaplan are a female trio formed in Moscow during 2012. The follow-up to last year’s limited ‘Plastilin’ LP, this new 6-track MLP of spikey 2-3 minute songs hones their previous experimentations into a post-punk/no wave/krautrock mix, all underpinned with a punk urgency. Killer basslines that range from Rema-Rema style brutalism to a throbbing Metal Box-era Wobble metronome anchor with innovative, unorthodox drumming, topped off with bitter melodies and arcane, otherworldly synth lines. Self-confessed post-riot grrls in attitude rather than musical style, this is a unique, darkly subversive record with the tragic failure of their namesake always hovering in the background, simultaneously bleak and uplifting.


Regular colour sleeve or limited foldover card sleeve

Inflammable Material Records, Burn025


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