END RESULT Discography CD *last copy*

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Discography CD release from Japan. Anarcho/Peace Punk from SoCal, USA in the style of ICONOCLAST or CRUCIFIX.

What Pain WIll You Sustain? -Demo 2017
01.Aimless Games
02.Stagnant Peace
03.Vacant State
04.Day by Day
05.What the Future Holds?

End Result / The Last Survivors Split 7 "
06.Empty Silence

End Result / BETOE Split 7 "
08.Life. War. Death.
09. Abuse

End Result / Phane Split 7"
11.Vision of the End

3 Track Tour Cassette-2019
12.Life. War. Death. (Rough Cut )
13.Abuse (Rough Cut)
14.Day by Day (Rough Cut)

Extra Track
15. Why So Limited? (Icons of Filth)