DISABLE Slamming In The Depths Of Hell EP

Image of DISABLE Slamming In The Depths Of Hell EP


7 crushing tracks from raw punk maniacs, Disable (Atlanta, GA). D-beat by definition is derivative which, for a d-beat fan, is fortunate because there is a wealth of paint-by-numbers Disclones to satisfy your mania for conquest. Disable however have been bringing a fresh take on a classic subgenre that blends catchy riffage with screaming noise that fills a room while keeping all the best parts of d-beat in place. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Laser-tight, hard hitting drums back a vicious sounding string section and singer Ben's doubled up vocal howl. Consistently putting out good releases, they have returned with their first slab of wax since the Annihilation Konton Crasher Omnibus comp in 2013