Interviews with Rob Moss (ARTIFICIAL PEACE, DC early 80s hc), Red (S.I.B & NABAT, Italy), Danny (Los Angeles early 80s: ANTI, MOOD OF DEFIANCE and EASTER) and Beano (ASYLUM: early 80's Stoke noise-not-music Discharge-peers). Artwork from Gage Allison (NYC, PAWNS & PORVENIR OSCURO), a large article by Tom Vague on the history of W.London's Acklam Hall/Bay 63/Subterania and an interview with a Syrian escapee to London, who describes the Civil War in his home country and the travails of those caught between the mill of jihadist death-cults, dictators and foreign powers playing geopolitical board-games. 48 A4 pages plus A3 Asylum 1981 'Death Of Music, Birth Of Noise' Tour poster, all in a poly bag