Raw 1982-3 UK punk split from two bands who shared the same Cheshire locale, with CORPSE the younger/ more rough-around-the-edges apprentices. TWO FINGERED APPROACH issued one 7” EP in 1982, a limited pressing of 500 that featured three fast, raw and angry melodic punk songs. Fitting in with the underground DIY punk scene of 1980-2 as typified by SIX MINUTE WAR, THE SINYX and EPILEPTICS, the EP sold out quickly and is reproduced here with four extra demo tracks recorded the same year. Eschewing the more hardcore edge of the EP cuts, these tracks are more insistent, mid-tempo, with lyrics of an anarcho theme over fuzzed-out guitars and plaintive vocals. The CORPSE tracks are culled from their 1983 demo, first time on vinyl apart from “America Out” which appeared on Mortarhate’s We Won’t Be Your Fucking Poor comp. A raw mix of anarcho and vintage UK ’82 visceral punk, straight out of the rehearsal room and sometimes falling over itself to get the message across (as Terminal Escape blogspot said: ‘ times Corpse are gloriously off’). “Crap and Apathy” sums up perfectly the stultifying boredom of 1980s provincial Britain (moaning, fighting and the pub), the remainder cover the lyrical concerns of their day (Ireland, nukes, El Salvador). Primitive, primeval and angry raw punk, remastered from original cassettes.


12" vinyl pressing housed in thick 350gsm colour sleeve, 4 page colour insert and poly bag with sticker. Includes Download Code

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Inflammable Material Records, Burn024

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