COMETBUS Mixed Reviews, 51, 52 and 54


AARON COMETBUS Mixed Reviews: Short book that pulls together a few selections previously published in other zines, magazines, and newspapers to create a story about his time in New York City, taking a walk for his 30th birthday, the switch of an old friend to a new lover, coffee reviews in Pensacola, a book review by Fly, a library love story, and more. 70 page A5 book

COMETBUS 54: After twenty years Aaron returns to his duties as a Green Day roadie and heads to Asia. A few things have changed with the band over this period of time, but, not so much for Cometbus: "Because, you see, I hadn't changed that much. Not enough." The result is a fascinating tour document and an incredibly personal story of relationships reconciling themselves. 96 pages A5

COMETBUS 51: The Loneliness of the Electric Menorah.
History of the East Bay through the lens of independent bookstores and their mercurial management. Aaron has delved into East Bay history to produce this complex set of interweaving stories. He has done a ton of work on this issue, combining information gleaned from over 40 individuals. The stories are as obscure (to most people) as they are engrossing, and a whole secret history of Berkeley's Telegraph Ave. is revealed. Entrepreneurial booksellers and their long-standing feud, street vendors, and the Symbionese Liberation Army all make appearances. There's also back-story on Cody's Books, Shakespeare and Co., and Black Oak Books. Although the zine's central focus is on Telegraph, the underlying story is of the complicated relationship we often have with place. 96 pages, A5

COMETBUS #52 introduces us to a new ragtag cast of punks and weirdos, struggling to build a community amongst their own personal troubles. The citizens of sleepy St. Louis attempt to persevere through love and theft and death. Issue 52 explores the idea of support and how often in punk communities, it can appear to be lacking. In the end, your surrogate family is the only family you have left. A5, 68 pgs


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