COLDITZ COLLECTION Compilation CS w/Fanzine *small restock coming in May*


Excellent reissue of super-rare 1983 Finnish hc comp tape.

15 bands, 44 tracks and one hour of sounds from the likes of ABORTTI 13, SEKAANNUS, VIRUS, NIGHTMARE, NORTH STATE, TAYSTUHO, HALLOWEEN, SEKASORTO (pre-Sekaannus), RECTUM, PINX and live tracks from Bastards/ Riistetyt all star line-up under the name of GRAHAM BROTHERS.

The reissue is housed in a hand-numbered plastic bag including a facsimile of the 16-page fanzine that came with the original release plus a double sided A3-sized Abortti 13/Sekaannus poster. 300-only.

Colditz Collection was originally compiled and released by Tapsa and Make from Abortti 13. Back in 1983 not more than 50-60 copies were made and is recalled as a sort of documentary of early Abortti 13 and Sekaannus as all the bands on the comp were somehow connected. The first side is very much in the style/sound quality of "Bullshit Detector", the flipside is more to the familiar hardcore of the time.

NOTE: Zine cover is actually Red

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