CASUAL BURN Tomorrow Problem EP

Image of CASUAL BURN Tomorrow Problem EP


Emerging from the depths of the Southeast, New Orleans’ Casual Burn follows up their 2016 earthquake of an eight-song tape with their equally powerful debut EP Tomorrow Problem. On this record, Casual Burn delivers three songs of pummeling, abrasive, yet melodic female vocal-fronted punk rock that call to mind bands like SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES (particularly the "Scream" LP), THE BAGS, and even a stone-y, Black Sabbath-obsessed, late eighties BLACK FLAG. Those comparisons might seem disparate and jumbled, but Casual Burn show they are a band capable of genre-bending, mixing and matching the sounds of Surf, Goth, and even No-Wave. What emerges is a punk rock casserole of sorts. Sure to make your belly ache and your eyes roll back in your skull.

As the analogy suggests, Casual Burn’s style and force as a group is in full effect on this EP. As the rhythm section of Carlos’ bass-six and the punk rock-meets-Elvin Jones drum stylings of Nathan push the group forward, Monet’s foreboding, vibrato vocals glide over the muddied chaos and grungy jangle of David’s guitar. While the record only lasts ten minutes, Tomorrow Problem’s pummeling magnitude will reverberate throughout your brain for hours. Much like a catastrophic storm, a nasty hangover, or summer day’s humidity, Casual Burn is an experience not easily forgotten. Enough procrastination! It’s time, today -- for Tomorrow Problem! (Keith Riley)