CARNAGE 34º23"41'N 132º27"17'E (Demo 2017)

Image of CARNAGE 34º23"41'N 132º27"17'E (Demo 2017)


Carnage are a new band from Portugal playing apocalyptic mid-tempo metallic hc/punk. Whilst you can hear the influences of both 80's metal inspired UK, US and Japanese Punk scenes (Amebix/ Antisect/ English Dogs/ Misery/ Nausea G.I.S.M./ Gastunk/ Crow et al), Carnage are no slavish copyists and bring their own stylistic touches to invigorate a well-worn template. Debut LP to come later in 2017 on Profane Existence, here 4 studio tracks on pro-dubbed, shrinkwrapped tapes