ABADDON Jarocin '83 12" & '84 LP


JAROCIN '83 12"

- Good quality soundboard recordings from their live set from Jarocin Festival in 1983. 8 songs with their early line-up (different singer than on "Wet za wet" LP). Still important document of this classic Polish band. One-time pressing of 300 copies


- ABBADON’s performance in 1984 was their second Jarocin show (first appearance 1983). With the addition of their new singer Kiki, there was an improved sound quality in terms of dynamics and pace, and the message of the band overall was even more expressive, accurate, and direct than it had ever been before. For the band, this performance opened many gates historically, and to this day is still considered among the punk crowd as one of the strongest points of Jarocin's history overall. The song "Kto?", recorded during this performance, appeared on the legendary vinyl compilation "Fala". Thanks to the recording of the "Wet za wet" LP (released for the first time on French New Wave Records in 1986) in Ljubljana, the band is still well-known all over the world and has continued to be an inspiration for current bands both in Poland and abroad


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