WARCRY Distant Future, Maniacs On Pedestals, Savage Machinery & Deprogram LPs


4 different WARCRY LPs, restocks of 3, plus one newer title, as follows:

WARCRY Not So Distant Future LP

Bulldozer heavy hardcore again on this 3rd full-length. 10 songs of modern Discharge-influenced hardcore from members of TRAGEDY, HIS HERO IS GONE, HELLSHOCK, TALK IS POISON, ESTRANGED, etc.. If you already dig their previous stuff, this is the soundtrack for our impending doom. Originally pressed by Feral Ward in 2008, this is the first official Euro repress

WARCRY Maniacs On Pedestals LP -

Originally released by Feral Ward in 2004, here is the second press of this d-beat masterpiece by the mighty all star band from Portland, OR. Total Discharge/Discard inspired d-beat with a powerful sound. Imagine if Death From Above or Victims Of A Bombraid would have been recorded in a semi professional studio with the new millennium technics and you'll have an idea of what Warcry are about

WARCRY Savage Machinery LP -

Euro-pressing of newest, 4th album from Portland D-beat masters. Members of HHIG, Tragedy and Lebenden Toten w/10 tracks of vicious and pounding d-beat. Flawlessly executed. The inspiration here is the classic d-beat sound of late 80’s Scandinavia ala Anti-Cimex or Totalitar. Great riffs, a bruising recording, and all of the top-notch you expect from this crew

WARCRY Deprogram LP -

First Euro-press of 2nd album by PDX d-beat masters Warcry. You know the story, right? Members of this and that, playing the same old stuff but 10000 times better than many other bands around. Deprogram consists of 8 tracks of brutal, insane, intense and brilliant D-BEAT written with capital letters


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