VARIOUS YPJ Support Compilation LP

Image of VARIOUS YPJ Support Compilation LP


Last few copies of this excellent postpunk compilation from 2015. All proceeds go to the YPJ in Northern Syria.

12 female-fronted bands, tracklist:

1: SVART MAGI: Cool Surf
2: BELGRADO: Progress
4: PRISON: Rattler
5: DEAD CULT: My Eyes
6: TOTENWALD: Sex Sells
7: STATIONS: Master/Disciple
8: CATHOLIC SPIT: Sick Sick Sex
9: GREY PLACES: Exit Wounds
10: INFINITE VOID: These Days
11: FLOWERS & FIRE: Pale Nights
12: ANNEX: Spirit Sin

The YPJ are the female counterpart to the male YPG, i.e the Kurdish militias who have been fighting IS since 2014. Both the YPJ/YPG are organised along Anarchist-feminist lines, a revolutionary upgrade from the stale, boring Marxist-Leninist cul-de-sac embraced by much of the previous Kurdish resistance to local oppression. A world away from privileged Western virtue-signalling-via-social-media, the YPJ are attempting to banish centuries of moribund traditional misogyny in their cantons of Rojava (N.Syria), whilst eradicating the Islamic fascism of IS/ISIS

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