AMOS AND SARA Sings The Private World Of...LP

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Sing a Song Fighter and Oma333 proudly present the first ever vinyl release of "Amos and Sara Sing The Private World of Amos" the avant DIY pop masterpiece by Amos and Sara which was originally put out on tape in 1981, and features members of a bunch of iconic British post punk bands such as The Homosexuals, Tesco Bombers and Sara Goes Pop.

"Powered by a mix of determination and passion we tracked down Jim/Amos and he thankfully agreed to entrust this project into our happy hands. Ever since that moment we've been working hard to rise to the occasion. We asked artist, musician and A&S fan, Lotti Sollevi to recreate the tape's original back cover with her typewriter, hired Timothy Stollenwerk, the expert ears behind many of the Mississippi Records releases, to re-master the tracks and brought aboard Swedish artist Peter Larsson to bring the album's title back to life, design us a sticker and help piece it all together. Contains a locked groove, for the hell of it"

500-only pressing, shrinkwrapped and now sold out from the label